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Explikasaun husi Sosiedade Sivil
Explanation from Civil Society

Karta husi La'o Hamutuk kona ba kobertura asuntu Oleo Pezadu iha media
Letter from La'o Hamutuk about coverage of the Heavy Oil issue in the media

Publika iha Timor Post loron 24 no 25 Fevereiro 2009
Published in Timor Post 24 and 25 February 2009

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Click here for more information about the heavy oil power project.
Bele click iha ne'e atu hetan informasan tan kona ba projeitu oleu pezadu.

Esplikasaun husi Sosiedade Sivil

Publika ona iha Timor Post loron 24-25 fulan Fevereiru 2009

Iha editorial Jornal Timor Post edisaun sesta Feira, loron 20 fulan Fevereiru 2009 nian koalia kona ba Projeitu Oleu Pezadu sei Implementa? nebe hateten katak iha pro-kontra ba implementasaun fabrika ne. No idea kontra projeitu ne mai husi  partidu opozisaun Fretilin.

Maibe iha projeitu ida ne laos deit ema husi Fretilin deit maka tau preokupasaun ba ida ne maibe mos husi sosiedade sivil nebe iha papel importante duni atu sai kontrolu sosial no transformador sosial iha komunidade nia laran, atu garante dezenvolvimentu nebe sustentavel no benefisia ba interese povo nian.

Agora daudaun nudar membru sosiedade sivil nian, Lao Hamutuk hamutuk ho ONG balun monitoriza no analiza hela planu fabrika eletrisidade nebe uza Oleu Pezado iha Timor-Leste, Lao Hamutuk halo analiza hela ba impaktu nebe bele mosu husi fabrika ida ne ba meu-ambiente no saude ba povo Timor-Leste. No preokupasaun ida ne atu hateten katak presiza iha transparansia ba dezenvolvimentu nebe sustentavel.

Ita hotu hanoin katak eletrisidade hanesan buat ida nebe importante duni ba komunidade sira iha Timor-Leste,ami mos hanoin katak presiza iha duni analiza impaktu ambiental molok halao pojeitu nebe klean liu atu bele identifika sa impaktu nebe mosu wainhira fabrika ida ne hari. Sosiedade sivil hanesan Lao Hamutuk laos Organizasaun ida nebe sai opozisaun ba Governu Timor-Leste, maibe Lao Hamutuk tau nia pozisaun nudar parseiru nebe importante ba Estadu no povo.

Hodi ida ne nudar parte ida husi sosiedade sivil nian, Lao Hamutuk hakarak informa ba publiku katak servisu Lao Hamutuk kona ba fabrika oleu pezadu nian laos parte ida  ka kanal interese politiku husi grupo, partidu ka individual ruma nian. Sosiedade sivil iha hanoin ida deit atu suporta Estado hodi garatia benefisiu ba povo tomak  nian, no interese katak iha desizaun nebe matenek ba nasaun tomak bazeia husi faktus nebe iha laos opiniaun deit.

Atu hatene liu tan kona ba servisu sosiedade sivil nian liu-liu  Lao Hamutuk nian, bele mai visita ami nia ofisiu iha Farol, Yayasan Hak nia kotuk ka liga ba ami nia website : ka bele hato hanoin ruma liu husi E-mail ka no. telephone + 670 3325013.

Mak ne deit informasaun ne ami hato no ba konsiderasaun husi ita-boot sira ami hato obrigado wain.

Explanation from Civil Society

Letter to the Editor, published (in Tetum) in Timor Post 24-25 February 2009

The Timor Post daily newspaper editorial on Friday February 20, 2009, about Will the Heavy Oil Project be Implemented? stated the arguments for and against this power plant implementation. And ideas against this project come from the opposition party Fretilin.

But not only people from Fretilin are concerned about this project, but also people from  civil society which has an important role to provide balance and transformation within the community, to ensure development which is sustainable and benefits the peoples interests. 

Today, as a member of civil society, Lao Hamutuk, together with other NGOs, is monitoring and analyzing the plan to generate electricity using Heavy Oil in Timor-Leste. Lao Hamutuk is analyzing the impacts which could occur from this facility on the environment and health of Timor-Lestes people. We are concerned that this requires transparency for sustainable development.

Everyone knows that  electricity as very important for Timor-Leste communities. We also think that an in-depth environmental impact analysis should be done before the plant is built, which can identify what is the impacts will be when this power plant is operating. Civil society like Lao Hamutuk are not organizations in opposition to the Timor-Leste Government; Lao Hamutuk takes positions as an important  partner for the State and the people.

Therefore, as a part of civil society, Lao Hamutuk would like to inform the public that Lao Hamutuks activities related to the heavy oil power plant project are not to support or provide a channel for any group, political party, or individual interest. Civil society wants only to support the State to provide benefits all our people, and would like that decisions are made wisely for the whole nation, based on facts and not only opinions.

To know more about civil societys work, especially Lao Hamutuks, please visit our office in Farol (behind Yayasan Hak) or go to our website or send us some ideas by email to or telephone +670-3325013.

We thank you for your consideration of this information.

The Timor-Leste Institute for Development Monitoring and Analysis (Lao Hamutuk)
Institutu Timor-Leste ba Analiza no Monitor ba Dezenvolvimentu
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