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Unofficial Registry of Environmental Licensing Documents
Dokumentu sira kona-ba Lisensiamentu Ambientál

24 August 2020. Updated 10 July 2024

Contents of this page

Konteúdu pájina ida ne'e


Assessing and managing the environmental impacts of major construction, infrastructure and industrial projects is essential to protecting Timor-Leste's environment, the health and safety of our citizens, and the ability of farmers, fishers and other people to support themselves and their families.

Article 6(f) of the RDTL Constitution defines a fundamental State Objective "To protect the environment and to preserve natural resources", while Article 61 spells out people's right to a "human, healthy and ecologically balanced environment" and the state's responsibility to "protect the environment."

To implement these goals, Timor-Leste has enacted several environmental laws, including a Basic Environment Law (Decree-Law no. 26/2012), a Law on Environmental Licensing (Decree-Law 5/2011), and the Legal Regime for Protection and Conservation of Biodiversity (Decree-Law no. 6/2020), and other regulations listed below. The Environmental licensing law was revised in June 2022 to include climate change and gender issues (Decree-Laws 39-40/2022).

Unfortunately, implementation of these laws has been intermittent, with many large public and private projects violating the licensing requirement, and others taking a long time and complicated process. Transparency and consultation are often lacking. La'o Hamutuk has raised these issues publicly many times, including several submissions on draft legislation, Environmental licensing – who needs it? (2014), an open letter to the Provedor (2016), Who should grant environmental licenses for mining and petroleum? (2018) and Lisensiamentu Ambientál – hodi proteje ita hotu (2018) and Without the Enforcement of Environmental Laws, Petroleum Infrastructure Projects in TL Come at a Cost (2019) and a pamphlet Kumpre Lisensamentu Ambientál sei Hamenus Risku ba Ambiente no Komunidade sira nia Moris (Complying with Environmental Licensing will Reduce Risks to the Environment and Communities' Lives, 2020). We also use other media to share information, including our radio program, blog articles, and Surat Popular.

For close to a decade, La’o Hamutuk has been building a cooperative relationship with government officials involved in environmental licensing, both at the technical and decision-making levels. We appreciate this collaboration, which have included the exchange of information and ideas. In this spirit of cooperation and promoting a transparent process in Timor-Leste, DNCPIA has provided documents that should be publicly available according to Article 38 of Decree-Law 5/2011, including lists of Licenses issued as of March 2018, as well as Category A projects (those with the most serious impact) and Category B projects whose licensing procedures are in process.

In 2018, La’o Hamutuk was asked by DNCPIA (now ANLA) to join their Ad-hoc Committee on Environmental Impact Evaluation, led by the Secretary of State for Environment (SEA) to work on evaluating Category A projects in Timor-Leste.

In order to help ANLA overcome their political, technical and personnel limitations, La'o Hamutuk has created this web page to make information and licensing-related documents more widely available to the public, as a sort of unofficial, partial version of the legally-required public "register of environmental assessment procedures ... and related documents."

The register below only includes Category A projects, and only the documents we have received, as we are a civil society organization with no power to compel transparency or compliance with the law. Nevertheless, we hope that this will help affected individuals, communities and others know more about the impacts of projects being planned, built or operated in Timor-Leste.

During 2019, SEA changed its internal structure, and DNCPIA was divided into the Center for Environmental Information and Education and the National Authority for Environmental Licensing (ANLA). La’o Hamutuk continues to coordinate with Executive Director Antonio Lelo Taci, and we cooperate to receive and distribute information and documents linked to environmental licensing.

ANLA became a Public Institute in June 2022 (Decree-Law 41/2022).

Unfortunately, almost all of the documents presented by project proponents (TOR, EIS, EMP) are in English only. By law, proponents are to make a summary document available in a locally accessible language; we continue to push for this often overlooked requirement to be upheld. In the table below, we have noted when a document is available in other languages.

We encourage our Government leaders to take the process of environmental licensing seriously, to ensure transparency and public consultation, and look forward to our national Environmental Authority having their own website on which this information – including in Tetum - will be available to all and updated on an ongoing basis.

In 2023, Timor-Leste began public discussions about a proposed new law on Climate Change. La'o Hamutuk has posted drafts, documents and commentary on this website.

We will update this page as we receive new information and documents.  Please send corrections or additions to


Avalia no halo Jestaun Impaktu Ambientál ba projetu boot konstrusaun infrastrutura no projetu indústria sira, ne’e importante tebes nune’e bele proteje Timor-Leste nia Meiu-ambiente, saúde no seguransa ba sidadaun sira hotu, abilidade toos na’in sira, peskadór sira inklui mós sira ne’ebé esforsu maka’as hodi sustenta rasik sira nia família.

Artigu 6(f) Konstituisaun RDTL define kona ba objetivu fundamental nasaun ninian "Proteje didi’ak meiu-ambiente no boli nafatin riku-soin rai nian," enkuantu iha Artigu 61 mós temi katak "ema hotu-hotu iha direitu atu moris iha ambiente ema moris nian ne’ebé moos, nabelun-di’ak ho natureza, no iha obrigasaun atu proteje no halo di’ak ba jerasaun loron ikus nian" no estadu nia responsabilidade atu "defende natureza."

Atu implementa objetivu hira ne'e, Governu estabelese ona lei importante sira hanesan Lei Báze ba Ambiente, Dekretu-Lei Lisensiamentu ambientál, Dekretu-Lei kona ba Protesaun no Konservasaun bio-diversidade no mós regulamentu sira seluk ne’ebé lista iha kraik. Iha Junu 2022, Governu altera Dekretu-Lei Lisensiamentu ambientál atu inkorpora mudansa klimatika no jeneru (Dekretu-Lei 39-40/2022).

Infelizmente, lei hirak seidauk implementa ho rigorozu nune’e, projetu boot sira tantu iha setór públiku no privadu barak mak viola obrigasaun legal ne’ebé temi ona iha prosesu lisensiamentu, no sira seluk barak mak demora no mós liu husi prosesu ne’ebé komplikadu. Prosesu konsultasaun públiku no transparénsia sei menus tebes. Dala barak ona La’o Hamutuk foti asuntu ne’e ba públiku, inklui hakerek submisaun balu ba ezbosu lejizlasaun sira, Environmental licensing – who needs it? (2014), no karta aberta ba Provedor (2016), Se mak loloos iha kompeténsia atu fó lisensa ba atividade minerais no petróleu? (2018) no Lisensiamentu ambientál – hodi proteje ita hotu (2018), Without the Enforcement of Environmental Laws, Petroleum Infrastructure Projects in TL Come at a Cost (2019) no Kumpre Lisensamentu Ambientál sei Hamenus Risku ba Ambiente no Komunidade sira nia Moris (2020). Media seluk ne’ebé ami uza hodi fahe informasaun sira mak hanesan programa radio, artigu sira iha blog, inklui mós Surat Popular.

Kuaze dékada ida ona, La’o Hamutuk harii kooperasaun no relasaun di’ak ho ofisiál Governu hodi involve iha lisensiamentu ambientál, tantu iha tékniku no mós iha nivel foti desizaun. Ami apresia ba kolaborasaun ida ne’e, ne’ebé inklui ona mudansa iha informasaun no hanoin sira. Ho espíritu ba kooperasaun no promove prosesu transparénsia iha Timor-Leste Diresaun Nasionál Kontrolu Poluisaun no Ambiente (DNCPIA) uluk agora transforma ba Ajénsia Nasionál Lisensiamentu Ambientál (ANLA) hodi fornese dokumentu sira ne’ebé bele asesu publikamente bazeia ba Artigu 38 husi Dekretu Lei 5/2011, inklui lista sira husi Asuntu Lisensiamentu hanesan iha Marsu 2018, no mós projetu sira ne’ebé tama iha kategoria A (hirak ne’ebé ho impaktu boot) no projetu sira kategoria B, hirak ne’ebé prosedimentu lisensiamentu sei iha prosesu hela.

La’o Hamutuk mós hetan fiar husi DNCPIA/agora ANLA iha tinan 2018 atu hola parte iha kompozisaun Komisaun Ad-hoc (Komisaun ba Avaliasaun Impaktu Ambientál), ne’ebé lidera husi Sekretáriu Estadu Ambiente (SEA) atu halo servisu hodi avalia projetu boot kategoria A ne’ebé hala’o sira nia atividade iha Timor-Leste.

Hodi ajuda ANLA atu bele hadi’ak sira nia sistema, polítika, tékniku no mós limitasaun ba sira nia servisu na’in sira, La’o Hamutuk kria pájina web ida ne’e ho objetivu atu kompila informasaun sira no arkiva dadus sira relasiona ho lisensiamentu ambientál atu públiku bele asesu. Tanba ne’e konsidera hanesan publikasaun la ofisiál, versaun parsial husi legalmente tenke publika “rejistu iha prosedimentu ba Avaliasaun Impaktu Ambientál no dokumentu relevante sira.”

Lista sira iha okos inklui de’it projetu Kategoria A, no inklui de’it dokumentu hirak ne’ebé ami hetan ona, nudár organizasaun sosiedade sivíl ami la iha forsa atu obriga ba transparénsia ka obriga atu haktuir lei. Maske nune’e, ami hein katak ida ne’e bele ajuda no fó efeitu ba ema ida-idak, komunidade no sira seluk atu hatene barak liu kona ba impaktu husi projetu sira ne’ebé planu tiha ona, harii ka implementa ona iha Timor-Leste.

Iha tinan 2019, internalmente SEA re-estrutura fila fali sira nia estrutura uluk nune’e DNCPIA transforma ba Diresaun Centru Edukasaun no Informasaun Ambientál no seluk mak Ajénsia Nasional Lisensiamentu Ambientál (ANLA). La’o Hamutuk hato’o mós karta pedidu audiénsia no hetan responde di’ak husi Diretór Ezekutivu Sr. Antonio Lelo Taci no to’o ohin loron nafatin iha koordenasaun di’ak ba servisu sira liga ho asuntu ambiente ninian hodi simu no fahe informasaun no dokumentu sira liga ho lisensiamentu ambientál.

Iha tinan 2022, ANLA sai ona Institutu Públiku ida (Dekretu-Lei 41/2022).

Infelizmente informasaun no dokumentu sira ne’ebé aprezenta husi proponente projetu (hanesan TOR, EIS no EMP) ho lian Ingles de’it. Tuir lei, proponente projetu iha obrigasaun atu halo sumáriu iha lian Tetum ka lian lokál ne’ebé ema bain-bain bele asesu. Ami kontinua dudu asuntu ida ne’e tanba sai rekerimentu ba proponente projetu ida ne’ebé sira ignora atu hala’o.

Ami enkoraja ita nia lideransa ka governante sira atu tau matan ba prosesu lisensiamentu ambientál ho sériu, nune’e atu garante transparénsia no konsultasaun públiku, no tenke tau matan ba Autoridade Nasionál Ambiente iha futuru atu sira bele iha sítiu (website) rasik ne’ebé fornese informasaun sira hanesan ne’e – inklui iha lian Tetum – sei disponivel ba ema hotu no sei nafatin kontinua atualiza.

Iha tinan 2023, Timor-Leste hahú diskusaun públiku kona-ba proposta lei foun kona-ba Mudansa Klimátika. La'o Hamutuk publika ezbosu, dokumentu no komentáriu iha website ida ne'e.

Ami sei atualiza pájina ida ne’e bainhira ami simu ona informasaun foun sira ka dokumentu sira. Favor ida, bele haruka koresaun ka buat ruma atu inklui ba

Project / Projetu

Location / Fatin

Project pro­ponent

TOR (Terms of Reference / )

EIS (Environ­mental Impact Statement / Avaliasaun Impaktu Ambientál)

EMP (Environ­mental Manage­ment Plan / Planu Jestaun Ambientál)

License or status

Related infor­mation / Informa­saun seluk

Dili Drainage system
(Sistema drenajen)

Dili, Dili

Directorate of Sanitation (DNSB) (public)


Mar-20 (Chapters 1-3, Chapters 5-17)
Summary/Rezumu  Eng/Tet

Aug-20 presentations: Overview Eng Tet;
Cristo Rei Eng Tet

  More info on Oasis website, including over 100 documents (or download 1.1 GB Zip file)

Pareser husi LH no RbR Oct-20

Buletin LH nian kona-ba prosesu konsultasaun Dez-20

Tibar Port
(Portu Tibar)

Tibar, Liquica

RDTL-Bolloré (PPP)

Scoping study Dec-13 Eng Tet



Licensed Mar-18, Event

Renova fali lisensa iha Mar-20. Under construction.
The license expired in Jun-21, and ANPM has asked subcontractor China Harbor to find a different way to transport stone before they renew it, to prevent further damage to roads.

LH web page

Tibar dumpsite rehabilitation and upgrading

(Rehabilitasaun no melloramentu mterru Tibar)

Tibar, Liquica

Dili Municipality (public)

Aprezenta TOR Jun-20
Sumariu Jul-20 Eng Tet
Konvite ba konsulta publiku

Mar-21 Non-Tech Summary (En/Te)
Chapters 1-5 (app), 6 (app), 7-17 (app)

Konvite ba konsulta publiku

Mar-21 Non-Tech Summary (En/Te)
Chapters 1-9, 10-23

More info on Oasis website

Pelican Paradise Resort

Tacitolu, Dili

Pelican Paradise Holdings (private)


Draft ExecSumm, Maps (27MB), Non-tech summ. Jun-17 (The full document is 664 MB)
Final Apr-18 (11 MB lo-res)

Draft ExecSumm, Maps (85MB), Non-tech summ. Jun-17 (The full document is 205 MB)
Final Apr-18 (16MB lo-res)

Licensed Nov-18
renewed Dec-20
renewed Mar-23


TL Cement Plant, Jetty, Conveyor Belt and Infrastructure

(Fabrika sementi, Kais no infrastrutura)


TL Cement (public/private)


Vol.1 (14MB),
Vol.3, Feb-17


Licensed Feb-17
Expired Feb-19

Prosesu ba lisensiamentu ambiental hotu iha ANPM la'os iha SEA

TL Cement Clay extraction

(estrasaun tahu-nurak)


TL Cement (public/private)




In process

Prosesu ba lisensiamentu ambiental hotu iha ANPM la'os iha SEA

TL Cement Limestone extraction

(estrasaun fatuk-ahi)


TL Cement (public/private)


Vol.1 (14MB),
(47MB), Feb-17


In process

Prosesu ba lisensiamentu ambiental hotu iha ANPM la'os iha SEA

Heineken brewery

Hera, Dili

Heineken (private)


Apr-16, Presentation


Licensed; renewed in Jan-19. In operation.


Gota beverage processing plant Ulmera, Liquica GOTA (private)   Nov-17 Nov-17

In process


ETO oil storage & jetty

(Armazén kombustivel no kais)

Hera, Dili

ETO (private)




Licensed; renewed in Apr-19


Global Fuel storage & jetty

(Armazén kombustivel no kais)

Caitehu, Liquica

Global Fuel (private)


Feb-20, Sep-20, Dec-20
(23 MB)

Feb-20, Sep-20, Dec-20

Licensed in Jan-16. Expired in 2018, renewed Jan-21.  Eval.Comm. report Jan-21.

First license from SEA; renewal issued by ANPM.

Lai-Ara fuel storage

(Armazén kombustivel)

Mota-ulun, Liquica

Lai-ara Nikmat Mujur/Ramiro Dias Quintas (private)

Aug-18 Aug-18

Licensed Nov-18


PITSA Fuel storage

(Armazén kombustivel)

Pantai Kelapa, Dili

Pertamina (Indonesian public)


In operation since 1981. Licensed Sep-18


Tasi Mane project

South coast

TimorGAP (public)


Strategic EIA: ExecSumm, Vol.1 (18MB), Vol.2 (14MB), Vol.3, Vol.4 (11MB) Jun-12

see below

LH web page

Suai Supply Base and airport



TimorGAP (public)


ExecSumm, Vol.1 (12MB), Vol.2, Vol.3 May-12

Licensed Jun-13, renewed 2015, expired.

LH web page

Betano Refinery, water pipe
(Refinaria, pipa bee)


TimorGAP (public)




SEA draft Nov-18

Prosesu ba lisensiamentu ambiental hotu iha ANPM la'os iha SEA. LH web page and submission

Onshore oil pipeline
(Pipa mina iha rai laran)


TimorGAP (public)


Sep-17 (119MB)

Sep-17 (35MB)

SEA draft Nov-18

Prosesu ba lisensiamentu ambiental hotu iha ANPM la'os iha SEA

Nova Betano


TimorGAP (public)


Jun-17 (96MB)

Jun-17 (29MB)

SEA draft Nov-18

Prosesu ba lisensiamentu ambiental hotu iha ANPM la'os iha SEA. LH web page

Highway part 1



RDTL (public) and COVEC

Project doc Mar-16



In process

LH web page

Highway parts 2-5


RDTL (public)




Not yet submitted

LH web page

Undersea gas pipeline
(Pipa gas iha tasi okos)


TimorGAP (public)


Project doc  Oct-17


In process

Prosesu ba lisensiamentu ambiental hotu iha ANPM la'os iha SEA. LH web page

LNG Plant
(Fabrika GNL)

Beaçu, Viqueque

TimorGAP (public)




Not yet submitted

Prosesu ba lisensiamentu ambiental hotu iha ANPM la'os iha SEA. LH web page

Onshore oil drilling TL-OT-17-08
(Perfurasaun ba mina iha rai laran)


Timor Resources  (private) & TimorGAP E.P.

Sep-19  Draft Feb-20   Mar-20

Draft Feb-20. Appendices: Waste mgmt (A), Rehabilitation (B), Redress (C), Oil spill response (D), Traffic mgmt (E), Noise mgmt (G), Incident reporting (H), Community consultation (I), Air quality (J)

Draft Mar-20. Appendices: Waste mgmt (A), Rehabilitation (B), Redress (C), Oil spill response (D), Traffic mgmt (E), Inspection schedule (F), Noise mgmt (G), Incident reporting (H), Community consultation (I), Air quality (J)

Rev.1 Dec-20. Appendices: Waste mgmt (A), Rehabilitation (B), Redress (C), Oil spill response Jan-21 (D), Traffic mgmt (E), Inspection schedule (F), Noise mgmt (G), Incident reporting Sep-20 (H), Community consultation (I), Air quality (J)

License issued by ANPM in July 2021.

Onshore petroleum regulations

Production-Sharing Contracts

LH Buletin:  Konsultasaun iha perfurasaun mina no gás iha Covalima

Onshore oil drilling TL-OT-17-09
(Perfurasaun ba mina iha rai laran)

Manufahi and Ainaro

Timor Resources  (private) & TimorGAP



Notice of public hearings Sep-21

La'o Hamutuk submission Sep-21

Rev.1 Jun-21. Appendices: Waste mgmt (A), Rehabilitation (B), Redress (C), Oil spill contingency (D), Traffic mgmt (E), Inspection schedule (F), Noise mgmt (G), Incident reporting (H), Community consultation (I), Air quality (J), Soil erosion (K), Surface water (L)

License issued by ANPM 1 February 2022.

Onshore petroleum regulations

Production-Sharing Contracts

Onshore oil drilling TL-OT-21-17
(Perfurasaun ba mina iha rai laran)
Pualaca (Manatuto, Manufahi, Viqueque) TimorGAP E.P.      


Onshore petroleum regulations

Production-Sharing Contracts

Buffalo offshore oil drilling TL-SO-19-14

Timor Sea

Carnarvon Energy (private) & Advance Energy


Jun-19 summary of Environment Plan (approved by NOPSEMA in Australia)

  In 2019, ANPM told the companies that no TL license was required.

Production-Sharing Contracts.

In January 2022, after drilling one test well, the companies decided that Buffalo is not commercially viable.

Chuditch offshore oil drilling TL-SO-19-16

Timor Sea

Sunda Energy (private, formerly Baron Oil) & TimorGAP

Draft Jun-2024       ANP consultation web page

Production-Sharing Contracts

Decomissioning Bayu-Undan Floating Platform

Tibar port


Draft Jan-2023

      Production-Sharing Contracts

Many projects which are financed by international institutions have documents on the institutional websites.
Some of the roads are labeled "upgrades" and categorized as B, although the Licensing Law says that construction of a road longer than 10 km is Category A.


Baucau to Viqueque Highway 2018-

Baucau- Viqueque

MTK (with Asian Development Bank)

Project documents here


$44 million loans from ADB

Dili to Baucau Highway 2016-


MTK (with ADB)

Project documents here


$50 million loans from ADB

Road Network Upgrading Sector Project (2) 2013-

Manatuto-Natarbora and many others

MTK (with ADB)

Project documents here


$257 million loans from ADB

Road Network Upgrading Sector Project (1) 2012-

Dili, Manatuto, Tacitolu-Liquica, Tibar-Gleno, others

MTK (with ADB)

Project documents here


$92 million loans from ADB

Road Network Development Sector Project 2009-2018

Liquica-Maubara, Karimbala-Atabae

MTK (with ADB)

Project documents here


$46 million loan from ADB

Branch Roads Project 2019-


MTK (with World Bank)

Project documents here

  $59 million loan from WB

Road Climate Resilience Project 2011-


MTK (with WB)

Project documents here


$90 million loans from WB

Water Supply and Sanitation Project 2020-


MTK (with WB)

Project documents here  

$18 million loan from WB

N. Lobato Airport Expansion

Dili MTK (with ADB)

Draft Mar-21 Main EIA Report, Appendices part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4
Final Jul-21 Main EIA Report, Appendices part 1, part 2, part 3
Dec-20 Poverty and Social Analysis
Mar-21 draft Resettlement Plan

Mar-23 Updated Resettlement plan part 1, part 2, part 3

More documents on ADB project website


LH web page
$135 million loan from ADB
$45 million loan from Australia

The following projects were built without licenses, in violation of the law:

LH 2014 blog (English)

LH 2018 blog (Tetum)

Timor Plaza Comoro, Dili Dili Development Company / Tony Jape (private) Built without license  
Hera power plant
(sentrál eletrika)
Dili EDTL/MOP (public) Built without license  
Betano power plant
(sentrál eletrika)
Manufahi EDTL/MOP (public) Built without license  
Ministry of Finance Building Kampung Alor, Dili MOF (public) Built without license  
Palm Business and Trade Center Surik Mas, Dili Jackson Lay (private) Built without license


Pacific Beach Resort Dolok-oan, Dili Dili Development Company / Tony Jape (private) Under construction without license


We have not been able to get documents or information on the following projects

Road construction
(Konstrusaun dalan)
Dili MTK Roads which are not funded with loans; see above for others.


Li Tjien Hotel
Timor Fortuna complex
Comoro, Dili Hao Kiun Foo(private)    


Oecusse RAEOA (public)



Power plant, temporary jetty
(sentrál eletrika, kais temporáriu)

Oecusse RAEOA, MPWTC (public)      

In process

La iha informasaun ba SEA


Palaban Oecusse RAEOA (public)      

Built without license


Offshore oil drilling
(Perfurasaun iha tasi okos)

Timor Sea (several oil projects)

TimorGAP and foreign oil companies (public / private)


Information not available



  1. Some large documents have been compressed, which may reduce the quality of graphics. Documents larger than 10 MB have their size indicated. We have not included most documents larger than 100 MB, but some may be available from La'o Hamutuk's office.

  2. Except where noted, documents are the final version.

Nota balu:

  1. Dokumentu balu ho kapasidade boot ami koko atu minimiza, nune’e bele mós hamenus ninia kualidade ba imajen no figura sira. Dokumentu boot sira ne’e boot liu 10 MB, sira nia medida indikadu ona. Ami mós la inklui hirak ne’ebé boot liu 10 MB, maibé balu bele disponivel iha La’o Hamutuk nia edifísiu, bele mai vizita ami atu hetan dokumentu sira ne’e.

  2. Exceptu ba hirak ne’ebé indikadu ona, dokumentu sira ne’e mak versaun ikus.

Relevant laws Lei sira ne’ebé relevante
Links to related topics on La'o Hamutuk's website and blog in English Liga ba tópiku sira ne’ebé relevante iha website no blog La’o Hamutuk iha Tetum

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